The flirtatious, delicious, sumptuous angel of the Brazilian nights
has captivated me with a style of samba enthralling me with her cuica.
She has fascinated me from the get go with the way she can excite
my imagination like discovering the superlative and screaming eureka.
Hallelujah I feel so alive with a desire charging through my veins.
My passion is boiling over like a wild horse without his reins.
Keeping my hat on isn’t easy for I’m about to blow my top.
For all my juices are flowing with no method to have them stop.
Lord I am obsessed with this little princess who fills me with such delight
while evoking a primal fertility ritualistic rite creating an insatiable appetite.
With her lovely expressive smile she’s wearing a bikini with the color turquoise
rendering me helpless as I become her victim, star-eyed lost in sensual joy.
As a result I followed this rhythmical demoiselle named sweet Carmen
with a bouquet of tropical flowers in her long and streaming hair therefore
she has conquered my heart with her strong pulsations so alarming
so I have decided to take her hand as my partner to love and care for.
Someday later as she made her way on down to the local square and market
I took upon myself to throw a bull’s eye arrow with her as my target.
Such a gorgeous prey I have never truly seriously quested in my garden
This overwhelming talent with her explosive temperament, my lovely Carmen
Then one lonely night I had the courage under the moon to address her.
I introduced myself and fell to my knees to express my feelings
She was so shocked and terrified I would possibly immediately undress her
that she fled from my sight and jumped as high as the ceiling.
I chased her for a while until I lost simply all my bearings.
I felt like tearing all of the hair out of my head for being so daring.
All of a sudden this wild woman chose to come from behind and grabbed me
She laughed and giggled, gave me a kiss and rattled me and nabbed me.
Now I’m always with her every hour nighttime and daytime.
She is constantly teasing me clearly out of my mind.
She’s so young and capricious driving my half crazy
Making sure I’m hyperactive, never slovenly nor lazy
So I hear the cantos of the erotic who whisper their verse so dynamite
ringing through my fantasy speaking loudly my lust to ignite.
I’m infatuated, soaked and saturated, coaxed and scintillated over you!
I’m illuminated, high and elevated, flying so elated because of you!
The fires of our love burst and send time in reverse
before the universe was created.
The waters of our love thirsts, to quench the devil’s converse
before Adam and Eve’s curse was instated.
I feel liberated, so rejuvenated, I am totally intoxicated over you!
Life’s accentuated, I feel so recreated, my heart has palpitated because of you!
The higher that our love grows, we needn’t suffer from vertigo
Or ever stall or plateau, we’ll just keep climbing.
My adoration will be unceasingly rapturous engulfing your very presence
as I help your landing with our lives’ outstanding in total quintessence.