Little Rootie Tootie (Thelonious Monk Lyric) – Poem by Paul Amrod

He’s walkin’ his beat

He’s got tired feet my friend

He’s stalkin’ real fast

and havin’ a blast event

He’s rollin’ his eyes

to keep a disguise in set

His name is Rootie Tootie

He circles the block

and watches the clock in time

His spectacles fog

He’s prancin’ along just fine

He brings home the bacon

He’s savin’ his stocks and dimes

His name is Rootie Tootie

He’s snappin’ his fingers

to a groovy Ragtime blues

It comes from the Jelly-Roll

It’s always a new tune

with rhythm and soul.

He can’t get it straight

It’s never too late although,

He’ll anticipate

and alleviate the cold

He likes it real hot

At good ol’ Five Spot

I’m told

His name is Rootie Tootie

He’s not about fame or shame

He always will play the game

He takes it in stride, his duty

His name is Rootie Tootie