Monk’s Mood (Thelonious Monk Lyric) – Poem by Paul Amrod

Lazy, fading softly

Languid is the attitude

Lost amidst a daydream

Maybe so it seems

as if I’m in Monk’s Mood.

I am feeling blissful

Nothing perturbs me now

Bluebirds shall whistle

sweetly and subdued

I’m lost inside of Monk’s mood

I sing a song gently in my mind

Starting a new melody

The thread guides me through

and strings me along sublime

in complete harmony.

So the vibes are so kind

Soothing the soul divine

Still something’s pending

My heart’s surrendering

For I am in Monk’s Mood

I feel the breeze

Blowing through my hair

Keeping me calm and at ease

This magical moment has me seduced

alone in a solace appeased.

As the dusk’s arriving

I drink a cool white wine

Toast to the sunset

I have no real fret

For I’m lost inside Monk’s Mood.