(An Elegy to my Father)

Being conceived of life’s breath on an evening of August
Wished from a star from the backwoods so transcendental
Greeted at birth with his optimism as the winds did gust
while a tempest with bolts of lightning did rage and glitter.
Listening to the music from the vault of heaven with a gentle
stroke across my cheek he was my Daedalus and benefiter
of conceptions giving creativity and showering me with stardust.
As an infant I glanced to the eastern horizon amazed at the lunar
ascension seeing an endless distance in the eyes of my babysitter.
Each night I was serenaded with Americana. The songs of Foster
gave me beautiful dreams as my naivety strengthened my lust
to discover Mozart and Satchmo as music would always flitter.
Throughout my early years I amused myself with golden records
vaccinated with a Victrola needle increasing my very first interest.
My father brought an eighty-eight into the laundry room to thrust
me into jamming while surrounding me with his 78’s to help my quest.
His gracious style as a recreation chef bringing all children to Chateaugay Lake
teaching them to swim, where I held the torch springing in for heaven’s sake,
remains as a scintillating memory which I cherish so dearly as one of the rosiest.
For perfect balance he presented me a radio where baseball could be heard.
He caught Bill Stafford, whose autograph I received, and my love of sport
was imbedded bestowing excitement, tenacity and competitiveness.
Assisting me with recognition and proudly exhibiting his stylist and crooner
constantly modestly filling my life with enthusiasm and devoted support.
He always mediated the true McCoy with authenticity shunning imposters
knowing his first son only knew the power of his own talent and humor.
As independence became inevitable he provided his wisdom and guidance
pointing to viable directions where one had elucidation and cohesiveness.
Bringing me to my fateful day where I needed self-belief and resilience
his presence enabled my spunk to flourish manifesting the shrewder.
Hence the inception of the journey through the halls of Juilliard
perceiving a legendary period discovering a new harmony with abidance
to an organic dissonance with modal textures proposing a new avant-garde.
Arriving at my Master’s Concert to gladfully witness an end performance
he and his gorgeous wife complemented the pieces with highest regards.
A few years earlier they gifted me with love and charity as my consort
to heal myself from tragedy and distortions lost in an awful subsidence.
This situation was essential for the fulfillment of my life’s transport
and a glorious restoration hence made possible through their diligence.
My destiny was formulated and kept abreast to reach my goals unmarred
from earlier mishaps which could have hindered my search for providence.