Well the sleuth has said again follow the bloody money.
Connecting the dots so the puzzle becomes unscrambled
and perfectly mounted on the shoulders of the orangutang.
The design is somewhat cubistic lost in a German patrimony
under investigation as Cyrus Vance has surely gambled
with Mickey from the Southside throwing up a boomerang.
Mulvaney was substituted by Meadows as the Chief of Staff
nonetheless each of them spilled the beans under the bus.
They were full of disgust not being recognized in the MAGA gang.
Observing the list of donors many billionaires did show their wrath.
Which were so brazen to have slipped a payment to the insidious?
Pointing at a plutocrat as a coconspirator means someone sang
flipping above the Ex-Prez to his financier leaving it all in shambles.
The foot soldiers slammed windows with their white collar grievable
lamentos falsely inspired radicalized demonstrating their shebang.
Ask Tarrio who signed the agreement to mobilize their seditious
insurrection blinded by bucks as they perpetrated the irretrievable
onslaught on Congress screaming to hang Pence from their gallows.
Seduced with the rallies of a failed TV host shouting blasphemous
insults sneering at the constitution with racist slurs so inconceivable.
The lack of conscious with no remorse exhibits the incredible shallow
existence of these plutocrats whose reality is miserly chasing zeroes
flying from their bank accounts multiplying their sense of the iniquitous.
The light of day will pierce their secrecy as they hide in the shadows
amidst their Mephistophelian attitude as society’s horrific antiheroes.
The Princes have subsidized the Paupers like duped medieval peasants
who still scream like soldiers in the forests of Alsace as we hallow
their spirits for their forgotten courage in the war of the piteous.
The idea of supremacy is only possible by forging an ugly omnipresent
indoctrination destroying pluralistic tolerance with their commandos.
Confidence in your inner ability to perceive the beauteous quintessence
will capture the curiousity of each child to emulate with their adventurous
imaginative concepts to permeate our Heaven on Earth singing their cantos.
Each being is gifted with a universe of virtues accentuating excellence
while learning perhaps the paths to a thoroughfare of the spontaneous.
The unfaltering eternal flame will radiate an incessant faith to foreshadow
the Golden Age which arrives as the dust settles in the optimistic aftermath
of a flexible endurance as the negative forces amend to the harmonious.
The fallacies of this plutocratical action will evaporate as the righteous
shed their influence. The ludicrous nature crumbles like our psychopath
who grumbles his animosity with his biased shouts and futile flagrance.
The separatism of the wealthy will expose their lack of humble humanism
as the mortals invocate the angelic and marginalize the evil and bellicose.
Soon the power-hungry will suffer their defeat as we relieve the plutocrats
who instrumentalized the treason as Epiphany wasn’t for the grandiose
who celebrated the Three Kings’ visit to the Saviour of Egalitarianism.
This sacrilege will reinstate the democracy held in the hearts of diplomats
who venture to prevent the establishment of racist xenophobic autocrats.