Our human race has a degrading greed to constantly contend with,
despite this problematic we have our creative arts and sympathy.
Rising frustration can accentuate the monstrous motley myth
of cynicism reviving a perilous crippled sense of atrocious apathy.
This totalitarian attitude is hence reborn from it misgotten ashes
destroying our gumption to engender an energetic enthusiasm.
We believers in magnanimity will be beckoned for the classes
of the underprivileged whom in the Eyes of God the phantasm
dream wherein a paradisal environment will fabulously flourish.
This is a natural reflex from the Nicene Monk’s where love and empathy
supports the naivety and gullibility necessary to rousingly refurbish
a hermit’s innocence toppling every imposter of miserable maxims.
Equity if the quintessence of existence gifting the future masses
with continuity and a perfectly philosophically matriarchal monolith.
The gentle kiss of caring mother is as sweet as the jovial jasmine’s
fragrance drifting through our nostrils in summer meadow’s grasses.
Revitalizing inspirations will remind us as our souls do nourish
on appetizing innuendos alluding a miraculously inspired holy script.
We venture in curiousity to invoke the philanthropic passages therein
to induce a state of enlightenment found in Henry David Thoreau’s forest.
Serendipity is the magical sincerity where the aesthetical apocalypt
is hidden in codes throughout history as time simply pleasantly passes
until an asinine assumptive nature dissipates with knowledge’s harvest.
Within this wisdom comes the awakening through a cybernetic crypt
where mystic mummies slumber in a mysterious magical metamorphosis.
Reminiscing the voice of Voltaire representing the durably staunchest
tolerance we cannot actually expect a rebound of the same doses.
Unfortunately shying away from our responsibility will drift
us through a storming tributary to a river of massive mistrust.
The resulting situation is becoming a timid vulnerable victim
of a manipulative covertness embroiling us to rabidly rust
furthering the necessity to train us in methodical analysis.
Accordingly the establishment of a common collective will gift
strengthens our mobility and influence as we remain robust.
These instances of illicit dark finances have truly menaced
are abilities and community with purpose to cease the unjust.
As the march of inequality threatens their sense of penance
disguising their motives and under misinformation will surely vanish.
The papers from the archives will hopefully bring surely a swift
vengeance and retribution as our democracy is terribly tarnished.
While voting is being treacherously trampled enlightenment uplifts
us as our turmoil will incessantly purge and eventually abolish
bigotry consequently while we chase the devilish bums of dystopia.
Hanging out at their marble swimming pool sipping a daiquiri afflicts
their lack of conscious and is a covetous style of crumby cornucopia.
Hence we are warding off the tendencies of their disgustingly distraught
theater helping composure to return opening an era of an ultra-utopia.
The majority of homosapiens believes in peace and were luckily taught
the virtues of restraint waiting for our Saviour and the aurora borealis
to soothe our troubles with blessings however the revolution is now sought.
The Holy Spirit will guide our humanism nevertheless with a ruby ransom
emancipating with an action to rectify and arouse us with a symposia
bestowing us with graces surpassing this horrifically dystopian damnation.
Pursuing all forces who have forgotten their rite of birth as we truly fathom
a glorious transfiguration relieving our woes with a laudable liberation.