Today is a day for trick or treat we all call Halloween
The harvest of the Celtic was the origin for the festival
The spirits then were worrisome wishing to resurrect
raising havoc as ghouls dangled their bloody guillotine.
Hence the tradition was to chase down these dirty devils
with gruesome costumes giving them feelings of neglect.
Centuries later we wander from door to door for sweets
and wore very inventive costumes colorful and shrill.
On the following holiday we then will gently genuflect
for the mysteries of our saints as we humbly entreat.
Nevertheless on this hallowed eve we incite mischief
taunting our neighbors with ploys of disrespect.
Smearing soap on the windows dancing a quadrille
while sucking on moonshine fooling our flatfeet.
In the cellar is a skeleton roaming in the dungeon
screeching his fingernails on a piece of broken glass.
Playing a detuned harp while carrying a bludgeon
threatening a swarm of bats on the window sill.
Entering a deserted castle with cobwebs galore
with a moonlight piercing the smirk of the crass.
Reading rhymes from the art of Edgar as we implore
a lack of consciousness fermenting liquor with ill-will.
Crawling unnoticed to shock a princess we adore
rendering her helpless as a victim of abduction.
Releasing tarantulas rampant through the grass
of the royalties lawn to devour the prince’s sword.
The incessant scream will echo the extreme unction
reserved for the immortal Kings and wicked Lords
who imprison sadistically our lads and pretty lass’ .
Nevertheless on this eve we badger these blatant fools
while we fence off barbarity with a Touches’ injunction.
Yes the iniquity reappears on this day of ghouls
yet our goblins have their gnomes and sprites in function
to ward off harm and ill-advised trips with commodores.
Still our misconduct is all in jest as we turn to our schools
and our golden fantasies of troublemaking and disruption.
The youth takes on the role to become a true prankster
fostering a better way than the mob boss or gangster.
They hate indoctrination and will give our teachers a sermon
in tolerance and comic creativity on this day of the black cat.
Reaching into our bags they find an audacious auditor
who has a plan for freedom and a totally different forecast.
His tomfoolery is fitting for the moment and he’s determined
to present the true reality of livelihood as a monitor
for the GZ generation opening their dreams as an enthusiast.
Therefore we wish to stir dust like a transcended hermit
using the spirit of peace and constructive valor.
This day of reformation autumnal repose will surpass
the struggle of power as the poet achieves his summit.
The witches of good intent will cease this clamour
with a brew, incense and magic spells to trumpet
a fanfare of compassion from the ages gone and past.
We will view through the morning fog the rapture
of good attitude though we were rascals and culprits.