An historic occurrence should be a present for the entire human race
Thanks to the concerns of our youth we have challenged the status quo
Our weather and our Blue Ball have been lamenting with no visible trace
of recognition until hurricanes are blowing with destructive monsoons.
In Bali the land of traditional Gamelan we are listening to an Eskimo
who has travelled to the penguins warning us of Iceland melting.
Greta has been pleading, as our Earth is burning, to ignore the goons
who senselessly resemble Scrooge while the deserts are swelting.
Reaching solutions is not with selfishness as we must simply embrace
the logic of consequence in dealing with this industrial smelting.
Our Climate Change legislature cannot be rebuffed with denialism.
The creation of a work force with renewables is meanwhile attune
to the plans of refurbishing a livable planet as a form of activism.
The younger commonsensical attitude it to hear the music we face
and initiate a stance for betterment through the perfect welding
of a collective conjuncture while our vote is not just for liberalism.
The midterm was a reestablishment of the constitutional standard
reuniting our socialistic humanism bringing about a MAGA overthrow.
Money is theoretically superfluous when we rigorously diligently replace
through our democratic voting rights these thugs who’ve always slandered.
We hear the seraphic applause through the passing clouds as Pinocchio
follows his ambivalent paths while his nose leaves him on a crazy chase.
Now the evil witches have parked their brooms next to the Congress
sweating and waiting for their miniscule majority while they meandered
directionlessly backwards counting the stolen documents in distress.
Claiming falsehoods and supporting the Russians who couldn’t erase
their criminality as aristocracy has died on the steps of the Capitol.
Glorifying violence and watching the cheap mob boss’ old nouveau
as he licks his fingers while he pulls out of his holster an empty pistol.
Even the dry desert of Arizona amounted to zilch as in disgrace
he chewed his bullet and lost his teeth with a Magical Mystery Show.
Another won bit the dust as one candidate after another oppressed
democratic processes on their way to defeat with the satanical.
Thanks to the old-fashioned right to vote we planted the embryo
of a new-fangled freedom to receive the liberty of the botanical.
As the garden germinates its blossoms we will surely assess
the pursuit of happiness as Pan dances with Nature’s flow
to the babbling brooks of the landladies of the fanciful.
In concert we curse the fraudsters as they wish to possess
the magic wand of the pixies who wish nothing of the domino
effect for this belongs to the injurious band of the fanatical.
Blessings have anointed the children of the Earth as we grow
a community of faithful protectors under the Holiday’s mistletoe.
Our hearts will sing our Yuletide carols as our lives become tangible
under the shrine of wonderful memories and our Counselor’s grace.