Training your dramaturgical talents with a fabrication of illusions
Mendaciously concocting deceitful jargon for daily consumption
Enduring the nausea while spewing nonsensical dearie delusions
Breaking the looking glass as you gaze into nothingness in detention
of your own deception while your feline nature flourishes forth.
Chaotic behavioral tendencies annoy the listeners as your presumption
has horrifically taken notice of the vulnerability of your victim’s conclusion.
Weeping uncontrollably is the sensitive damsel from the upper north
who floats on an iceberg with a polar bear disconnected with hypertension.
They pull whistleblowers out of the hat as the magician’s rabbit contorts
in the Animal Farm of Orwell as the wiseass dominates us thenceforth.
Strangling the decent with guerilla tactics has taken the warlords by surprise
as they tangle with disorder to initiate hatred with an attempt to thwart
awareness amongst the innocent disengaging intelligence with pretension.
Sitting on the throne of Congress is a high school dropout aiming to terrorize
the atmosphere with her rhetoric born from a “straight no chaser” whiskey.
A Kentuckian redneck white supremacist joggles his cheap chummy invention
of informants who disappear into thin air because of their obvious illegitimacy.
Stirring up partisan garbage daily destroying public servants with blatant history
of incompetence regurgitating vile phrases of radical feudalism as advertised.
Throwing up the first amendment imposing a muzzle over excellent literacy
articulating an evident truth and stepping on decency while killing attention.
Blabbing so quickly without swallowing preponderantly overshadowing the guise
of improperness jacking up his importance with emptiness acting somewhat frisky.
Nonetheless the boredom of his presentation is praised by Forbes with condescension.
The haughty nature is par for the course as we suffer through his appalling idiocy.
Always trying to conceal his arrogant attitude with his mousy little mouth to chastise
every free-thinking liberal trying to humiliate them as communists. Then to mention
his sitting as the chairman of the judiciary committee avoiding an official subpoena
from Liz Cheney and chief Ben though guilty like Rhodes of conspiratorial sedition.
Let the fate of Daniel save you from the Lions of Rome who are thirsting in the arena.
Yes sir with your fascistic grimace you camouflage your role in this grave insurrection.
Living with yourself is  based on falsehoods disowning your wrestlers with suspension
daring those who witnessed this horrendously misuse of youth. What reprehension
comes from the heavens to scold your sanctimonious rapport of abominable absurdity.
The seraphim is moaning, God the Father is snoring, damning your theater of contrition
which wreaks for the hyena who dances over the carcass of your secretive admission.
May the patience of all lionhearted Christians with their rosaries quietly and virtuously
influence your tainted soul to transformation while all abide your ultimate dilemma.