His obvious attitude of owning the problem on the southern border
is an absurd misuse of his campaign drive for his holy presidency.
Every innuendo is insinuative of an autocratic atrocious order
trying to overshadow the efforts of the bipartisan Biden decree.
Saving our traditionalism of NATO stability has with Ukraine’s relevancy
salvaged democratically free choice and is upholding common liberty.
Promptly condemning the disrespect of and the rigorous departure
from dignity this man’s ignoring the autonomy of many heartfelt devotees.
Through immigration control the US administrative efforts reduce torture
of family separation and increase the oversight of integration’s delicacy.
Recently the Senate has expressed support for the legislation to further
the resettlement of migrant communities and our other ongoing conflicts.
Ignorantly the indicted Ex-Prez wants to manipulate, with grieving fervor
no solutions for our southern neighbors and absolutely perilously
hand Vladimir a depleted Ukrainian army to help him as a convict.
His unlucky duo of Jared and Ivanka have had a life preserver
of Billions making deals with the Saudis inexplicably and maliciously.
Nevertheless Gaza burns under the onslaught of Bibi as a precursor.
Attempting to bring Joe to his toes with an impeachment depicts
a courageous Son who embarrasses Comer as an illogical deserter.
Lil’ Mikey from Louisianie is sucking his lollipop demanding chopsticks
for Prez Xi to invade Formosa in the South China Sea quite ridiculously.
No mission, no vision of a world under an Emperor with ugly Diapers
as he looks in Manhattan below for any legionnaire or a gutsy sniper.
Blurting his fantasy phrases through an empty hall of his nonconformists
shouting white supremacist jargon echoing against the wall so pitifully.
Please before our adversaries decide to drone your toupé‚ to the Pied Piper
we appeal your immunity is a stall tactic creamed by many rotten fascists.
Doomsday will be arriving with a wagon pulled by Pence as a wild viper
strangles you as an imposter whining worries as a petulant insurrectionist.
Your entire gang of racketeering imbeciles is pleading guilty hypocritically
kissing the ring of Fani hence capitalizing and have suddenly vanished.
So I beg pass the bill in spite of the orange apparition who is the chastiser
of the peaceful transfer of power. Stick him in a jumpsuit for he’s tarnished
our constitution with his delusions and humongous lies and ill ignominy.
The entire world is watching as he dismantles democracy demolished
with a dunce cap in his sixth grade parlor hated by his colleagues in infamy.